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In sync with our school's mission statement - "To educate timeless principles and skills relevant to today's global reality and the challenges of tomorrow”, Yuvabharathi Public School has always established fecundity to meet the unknown demands of the future. Being able estimators of academia and its scope, skill-based education has been identified to be one of the primary goals of education. In its attempt to attain this objective, Yuvabharathi Public School has actualised its own Model United Nations - YBMUN. YBMUN in its effort would alter the approach towards education thereby opening a vista of newer and better opportunities to facilitate holistic development and global awareness. The initiative not only caters to inculcate peace education, but also promotes internationalism as a character to emerge as global citizens.

In an era of political instability, excessive and unauthorised possession and exercise of arms and ammunitions, human rights violation, religious persecution, refugee concerns, violence against children and many other burning social concerns, it is time to equip the leaders of tomorrow to get themselves prepared to resolve the existing issues amicably. The only way forward is to enable them to approach the battlefield unarmed and help them use their intellect, negotiation skills and power to resolve as their only weapons to attain global peace. YBMUN is on its mission to continue its legacy towards effective debating by proposing to conduct its MUN at an interschool level in January 2024. This enriching opportunity would hone students’ skills, showcase their abilities, establish interpersonal connections, engage them in greater researching activities and enable them to arrive at effective and acceptable resolutions.



Registration for YBMUN III is open.

TheYBMUN conference will feature the UNA-USA procedure for all committees.

The itinerary and background guides will be updated soon.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions in the meantime.