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Agenda:Israel - Palestine Conflict



Sanjay A R

Sanjay A R is an alumnus of Yuvabharathi, belonging to the 2023 batch. He is currently pursuing a B.Tech. in Computer Science from Amrita University, Coimbatore. Sanjay is passionate about quizzing, current affairs, and politics. He is an enthusiastic MUNner and has participated in various MUNs as a part of the school MUN delegation, including Yale MUN and CHEMUN. Sanjay won many awards, including the Honourable Delegate Award at YALE MUN XLVIII in 2022. He believes that MUNs are an excellent platform for meeting new people, enhancing skills, and engaging in great debates. Apart from these, he loves to cycle and play basketball.



Driti S Shah

Driti S Shah, a grade 11 student at Yuvabharathi, loves MUNs as they give her an opportunity to meet new people and get the confidence to articulate her opinions in a formal forum. Debating is one of her biggest passions, and she believes that a good debate can have an impact on people’s way of thinking.

Driti is an avid reader who enjoys immersing herself in the perspectives of the characters she reads about. Furthermore, she is an enthusiastic football player and an astute media critic who enjoys analysing movies. Her ambition is to enter the field of marketing.



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